The Future of Health


The very word strikes fear into the heart. An equal-opportunity killer, cancer attacks the young and old, healthy and sick, and white and black alike; no one is immune from this silent scourge.

At UC Irvine, integrated, multi-disciplinary teams of physician-scientists are finding ways to prevent, better treat and even find a cure for this disease.

UCI’s Urology Department’s Xiaolin Zi's research on kava tea compounds and lycopene - found in tomatoes - could open new avenues for urologic cancer care.
The university’s renowned cancer experts include:
  • A physician who literally wrote the textbook on gynecologic cancers,
  • A researcher whose work with anti-progesterone drugs could revolutionize breast cancer prevention in women with certain genetic mutations,
  • A scientist who has discovered a compound found in grape skins that might stave off colorectal cancers.
On the treatment side, UC Irvine is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery, which leads faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays.  All told, we are a national leader in the fight against cancer. With your help, we can become even better.

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